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The consistency of our golf shots revolves around the consistency in set-up and therefore ball position.

There are three main ball positions. 

pic 1 - Middle of the stnace for all irons and hybrid clubs. (Descending blow on the ball) 



pic 2- Half way between the middle and the front foot, for all woods off the grass. (Shallow or sweeping blow on the ball)



pic 3- Inside of the front foot, for the driver on a tee. (Slight upward blow on the ball)


 * The angle of attack for an iron and hybrid is to make a downward blow on the ball and in turn produce a small divot, refer pic 1 

* The angle of attack for a Fairway wood is to sweep the ball off the grass with no divot, refer to pic 2. 

* The driver is in fact hit on the upward curve of our swing and therefore positioned more forward in the stance. This is only possible as the ball is on a tee, refer to pic 3. 

Good quality ball position will also help with distance control, this allows the club to be delivered with a consistent loft on the club face.