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Care of your Equipment

Care of your Equipment


The game is tough enough without creating further obstacles through poorly maintained equipment. As golfers we spend good money on equipment and the opportunity to play so it makes sense to keep our equipment in excellent working order.




This is the only physical contact we have with a golf club. Like a car tyre it is important to have a grip give you optimum performance. Most tour players I know clean their grips after every round, or at least every week. Compare that to some golfers I know who never clean their grips. Without cleaning, the grips will deteriorate and get hard quite quickly. The player now has to apply more pressure to the grip to maintain control creating other problems through out the swing.

Grips should be cleaned with a scrubbing brush and warm soapy water at least once a month. Once they become worn or hard they must be replaced.



Club Head

Most golf club professionals offer a club-cleaning service for members who leave their clubs in storage during the week. If the members are serious about their game then the club heads should be cleaned after every shot not left until after each round. If the grooves become filled with dirt you will decrease the ability to put the required spin on the ball. If you are a good enough player to manoeuvre a golf ball then it is this spin that controls that manoeuvre.




Given that every golfer will walk at least 6.5 kilometres each time they play 18 holes of golf it is very important to have a correctly fitted good quality pair of golf shoes. Not only do you walk quite a distance, often it is through rain, hail and shine which brings me to the maintenance of your investment. Golf shoes should never be left in the pocket of your golf bag after your round. They should be left in a warm, dry place to air. Even if the ground was dry the amount of moisture in your shoes after a round is enough for them to deteriorate if left in your golf bag and in the boot of your car.



The spikes in your shoes are critical to their primary task, which is to provide grip.

Through out my years in the golfing industry I have observed too many golfers waiting too long between spike changes. Even if the spikes don’t need to be replaced they should be removed at least every 3 months to have the lubricant replaced; this ensures that when it is time to replace them that they can all be removed with ease.




Every thing must be taken out of the golf bag. The clubs are to be wiped dry and placed up side down to allow any water that has made its way into the shafts to run out.

Once everything has been taken out of the bag, leave all of the pockets open to allow the inside of the bag to dry. Leave the bag upside down to allow any water in the bottom of the bag to drain out. Take the covers off the clubs and hang them out to dry. Once the golf bag is dry any metal surfaces (buckles and zips) should be wiped down with a lubricant to prevent them rusting.

Your umbrella should be opened and allowed to dry before it is put back into the bag and golf gloves should be hung up to dry in the shade.

If you do this after each wet round not only is your equipment going to last longer it will be in good order the next time you play.