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 So much of golf is result oriented. You can make a technically poor swing that matters little to most golfers if their ball finds the fairway or green.

It has been my experience that the majority of amateur golfers have their bodies aligned incorrectly and are therefore required to make compensations with their swing to make up for the fact that their body was not aligned to the target. 

For a full swing the most common fault I see in alignment is a closed stance. Most golfers have the line across their feet pointing directly at or to the right of the target, for right handed golfers. Often these golfers will compensate by having their shoulders pointing to the left of the target or in an open position. 

All most every amateur believes that your feet should point AT the target when in-fact they should point to the left of and be parallel to the target line. (the target line is the line drawn from the ball to the target) If your feet are pointing AT the target your stance is actually closed.

One of the other reasons amateurs find themselves in a closed address position is due to them picking a spot a metre or so in front of their ball on the target line to align themselves to.


We have all used a club along the line of our feet at some stage and, in this instance it is the best method however it is important to use this method correctly and regularly. The club must be parallel to your feet and the target line (pointing slightly to the left of the target) and approx 15cm from your toes.

If you have the shaft touching your toes you run the risk of nudging it, with your right foot each time you follow through. You only need it to move a little to make a big difference.

Instead of using the spot a meter or so in front of you (as mentioned previously) I suggest that you have your eyes on the actual target that you are aiming at when you take your stance.