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Buying golf equipment without being fitted is like buying shoes without trying them on.

Each golfer has different needs and requirements when it comes to golf equipment. This is based on height, flexibility, length of arms etc etc.

EACH GOLFER IS DIFFERENT. With that said why do golf stores have standard golf equipment??

Custom fitting is a must for elite golfers. Why not start golf with the correct equipment ??

As industry leading professionals John and his staff use the latest in fitting equipment from the likes of Callaway, P.G.A.,  Mizuno, Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Wilson and Henry Griffitts.

The fitting at WANTIMA COUNTRY CLUB is done on the driving range where both the player and fitter can view the entire ball flight! You cannot get fitted properly inside a building hitting the ball into a net. To assist the fitting session we use cutting edge technology like Flightscope to map the ball flight and with this radar can pinpoint exactly which specification is perfect for you.

A fitting session will cover what Club head design is best for you as well as finding out things like shaft weight, flex and kick point.  A player's build and flexibility are also going to affect the club length. 

From helping you with that new driver purchase all the way to advising you what wedges you should use, let our fully accredited club fitting expert's assist you.

What you need to be is consistent and fitted clubs play a huge part in helping you realizing your potential.