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Hit down!

Concepts in golf are extremely important, in fact imperative to your performance. One common misconception in golf is that we need to hit up on the ball. This often results in topped shots or heavy contact preventing distance and flight performance. In reality what actually happens is that we should hit down on the ball.



This allows the loft of the club to hit the ball the required height and produce the spin needed to elevate the golf ball. The ball will then fly higher. This allows the club to make contact with the ball on the southern hemisphere of the ball rather than the top half of the ball.




During this down ward hit on the ball a divot is created. This divot is positioned in front of the ball, therefore allowing maximum power to be generated to the ball. This is what we see the golf professionals doing on television. Taking huge divots!

direction of play                               





 The difference between an amateur’s divot and a professional’s divot is that the professional always hits the ball first rather than hitting the ground first. This stands to reason why golf professionals can hit the ball incredible distances with a minimal amount of effort.

This very clean contact on the golf ball develops huge amounts of back spin, giving each player the correct flight for the club as well as the on-ground control of the roll or stop on the ball.