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Hydration and Nutrition

Hydration and Nutrition

It has been well documented that there is a direct link between one's physical and mental performance and their intake of food and water. A round of golf can take up to 5 hours in a variety of atmospheric conditions. It is our goal that you maintain a “Flat Line” of both physical and mental levels from the 1st tee to the 18th green.
For example; Hydration is an element of the game of golf that is grossly overlooked. The QAS completed a detailed study on hydration some time ago and concluded that on average a Male requires approx 1200ml of water per hour to maintain their hydration level whilst participating in the activity of playing golf. Women need approx 850ml per hour.
This is based on them being adequately hydrated at the commencement of the game.
As we are all aware a reasonable intake of red wine the night before leaves us in a dehydrated state prior to playing golf so your intake of water prior to the round may need to be increased.

The intake of food during the round is also very important, and not just any food. The type of food and when it is consumed is critical to maintaining your physical and mental stability.

Mental Stability.

The quote “you can learn a lot about someone by playing 18 holes of golf with them” is very true. How we react to the fluctuations of fortune on the golf course is an indication of our inner self and can have an enormous bearing on how we will continue to play the round.

As I have mentioned previously it is important that we maintain a “Flat Line” of emotion throughout the round.

I stress to all of my Students ”We never allow the result of a previous shot to influence the next shot in a negative way”. You will need to have your Instructor assess the way you react and when you react.