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Whether I am training an elite golfer or a recreational golfer my approach is fundamentally the same – I always base my training around the improvement cycle. This is essentially a three phase process:

Phase1 – make an assessment of where your golf is at present

Phase 2 – set realistic goals with an appropriate time frame

Phase 3 – carry out specific tasks/ drills/ practice programs that are specifically designed to improving that area of the game.


The reactive cycle


By contrast, most golfer will base their practice on what is known as the “reactive cycle”. It works like this;

  1. you go out on to the golf course and you hit a bad shot – perhaps a slice or a hook.
  2. you react to this bad shot by trying something different on your next shot creating compensations. In the hope of correcting the problem – perhaps a magazine tip or some advice from a playing partner or a quick fix golf lesson.
  3. you may or may not appear to have some success with this different approach – but in any event the result will be short lived – you will likely repeat this “reactive cycle” over and over and the end result will be frustration.


I see golfers practicing and playing this way all the time. It is one of the major reasons why many golfers fail to achieve their true potential. These players must also practice and work extra hard at their golf game. To maintain that level, it is essential for the player to compensate impeccably to get the results.


Elite players play with no compensations at all!!!


The improvement cycle


For greater results, players who are focused on improving there game have regular lessons and work on specific areas of their game.

This does not mean that you have to have weekly lessons.


“The improvement cycle” includes 28 days between lessons. In theory, a golfer using one month improvement cycles would be able to go through 12 cycles per year. This system will create higher levels of improvement by ingraining these skills for beginner to advanced golfers.


The areas of the golf game that are assessed and focused on in that 28 day cycle are;


Technique – technical skill level of the player for all shot types


Physical – flexibility, coordination and strength


Mental – concentration, confidence, ability to play under pressure


Tactical – course management, planning and ability to play to your strengths.


These skills or areas of the game need to be practiced and perfected during the 28 day cycle. This will insure that during next lesson the student will have new things to work on for the next 28 day improvement cycle.


Reacting will produce compensations!!!!!!

Improving will allow you to reach you potential!!!!!!