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Pitching is an abbreviation of a full shot. These shots need to be precise and control both accuracy and distance control. Pitching is the part of the game that requires a feel for the necessary distance of the shot. Often golfers rely on sight to sense the distance of the shot. This process of pitching will remove much of the guess work from this tricky area of the game. 

High, low and normal shots are regularly played to control the reaction of the ball on the green. I.e. low shots will roll and high shots will stop when the ball hits the green.  

Each of your wedges have a different loft to adjust the height of the shot. Sand wedges and lob wedges are designed to flight quite high whereas pitching wedges are designed for a lower ball flight. 

There are four different lengths of swings that can be used when using wedges to control distance and flight. 

Note the length of the backswing must also mirror image the follow through.

Butt of the grip to the target


Butt of the grip to the ball


Butt of the grip to the ground


And a full shot



Therefore each wedge in you bag will then have four different distances. So if you have 4 wedges, 16 distances over the three clubs. Recommended clubs and lofts are pitching wedge approx 46 degrees, gap wedge 50 degrees, sand wedge approx 54 degrees and the lob wedge approx 58 degrees.