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Mizuno ST190 Driver 9.5 DEG

Mizuno ST190 Driver 9.5 DEG

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Boasting Mizuno’s lowest spinning driver to date, the Mizuno ST190 driver features enhanced ball speeds and improved overall driving distances thanks to the inclusion of the Forged SP700 Ti face. For 2019, the SP700 is accompanied by a CORTECH structure which elevates ball speeds from all strike locations on the face. 

A large carbon composite crown shifts the CG location lower in the head to help achieve a higher launching ball flight with lower spin. The effective Aggressive Wave sole makes a return to help improve the ball speeds by increasing the face flexion. Like the ST180, the new Mizuno driver holds Harmonic Impact Tuning to improve the acoustics at impact. 

Replacing last year's ST180 driver, the visually stunning Mizuno ST190 extracts every last drop of ball speed while maximising forgiveness, and has been engineered to sound just as good as it looks.

The Mizuno ST190 driver performs brilliantly for both fast and slow swing speeds and with two models to choose from, it's a quick and easy way to improve your driving performance.